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Yep idea sounds good in case when meeting point is set in short distance from the building,
but in case long distance imo it will kill management in many battles  :( e.g.:
"set meeting point in the opponent's base > click click click.../produce as many units you can > end game".
Mods / Re: Requesting Offline Factions
« Last post by filux on Today at 14:40 »
could all these factions...
Nope  ;D

Everything in the mod's centre must satisfy a number of conditions where one of them is well balanced/well playable so e.g. some techtrees like Jammy said:
...but it was very unfinished when I tested it and it's not playable (some resources can't be harvested)...
have around 0% chance to be there at the moment.
Mods / Re: Requesting Offline Factions
« Last post by Pizza90 on Today at 11:15 »
could all these factions (after checking the licenses and checked for incomplete factions) be uploaded on the mod center?
Feature requests / Ability to burn trees
« Last post by Pizza90 on Today at 11:12 »
I had posted this request yeaaaars ago, and i decided to revive it, hopefully some discussion will happen :)

In warcraft 3 trees could be burned and i would like to request the same feature in megaglest.

You might wonder WHY someone would want to burn trees?? Well that adds a bit of realism to the game and strategy because it could be a strategy during  a retreat (burn resources behind you) and open different scenarios (you could open your way through the forest and flee from the enemy or move your troops away from a siege). It was a nice feature warcraft had, so even though it is low priority i think it could be nice :)
MegaGlest / Megaglest current situation
« Last post by Pizza90 on Today at 11:07 »
Hi all, perhaps some of you remembers me :) I use to be active in the community and the forum, Things changed when i started university and the lack of time drove me away from playing videogames (megagelst included). Recently i started playing mg again (mainly quick single player games) and since i have been away for a while (1, 2 years?) I wanted to get some updates about the current status of Megaglest.

I saw that now the projec tis hosted on github and i saw a match listed on the main server labeled where people were testing the dev version, so megagelst is not dead, which is good :D

However to my surprise i noticed that the forum seems to have died out :/ i remember many people working on mods, maps, reporting bugs and asking feature requests. Now apart from some feature requests (i just wrote one :D) the forum seems to be sleeping..which is a pity because open source projects need a living community, especially video games!

Has the development slowed down much? Are titi and softcoder still working on megaglest?
Whats currently being worked on?? What are the future plans for the game?any roadmap?

Sorry for my many questions abut after almost 2 years i have to get updates :D :D

Megaglest is a game i liked a lot and i still enjoy playing, i hope the community will not die!

Greetings to all the guys :)
As per title. I noticed how the units that get created from the building to where they reach the meeting point they just walk. if they get attacked they don't answer til they reach the point. You may say "just put the meeting point closer to your base" but that does not work well, especially if you are under siege even a short distance is enough to have your units going towards the meeting point and getting butchered by the enemy before they have time to counter-attack

I think it would be good if units going from the building to the meeting point are able to counter attack if they get attacked, after the enemy is killed they could proceed to reach the meeting point
Hi, as per title, I would like to request the possibility to restart a single player game from the menu you get when you put the game in pause. Right now if you don't like how the game is going you have to pause, leave the game, going to the main menu, etc.etc. Whereas you could simply have a "restart game" button so that when you put the game in pause you can click it and restart the game without having to go several clicks :)
Feature requests / Re: numbers below units, build 1 to 9 with one click
« Last post by andy_5995 on 25 April 2016, 18:29:48 »
In the meantime, I've made a couple of my own key bindings

I set up keyboard shortcuts to execute these scripts:

Alt-1 will run this script during the game:
Code: [Select]
# 20160425.1
# After a building has been selected, will move the mouse to
# the first unit and simulate a single-mouse click.
# This uses 'xmacroplay', included in the "xmacro" package found
# in most *nix distributions.
# The x & y coordinates for MotionNotify will depend on the
# players resolution, and can be found using xmacrorec2 from
# the "xmacro" package.

echo -e  "MotionNotify 1112 239" | /usr/bin/xmacroplay :0
echo -e "ButtonPress 1" | /usr/bin/xmacroplay :0
echo -e "ButtonRelease 1" | /usr/bin/xmacroplay :0

exit $?

assigned to Alt-4
Code: [Select]
# 20160425.1
# simulate left-click 4 times

for i in 1 2 3 4


  echo -e "ButtonPress 1" | /usr/bin/xmacroplay :0
  echo -e "ButtonRelease 1" | /usr/bin/xmacroplay :0
  sleep 1s

exit $?
Mods / Re: Requesting Offline Factions
« Last post by CaptainRussia on 23 April 2016, 21:18:35 »
Sweet, thanks!
And for the others?
Proper hotkeys would solve this problem and make the game much more enjoyable.
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