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Off topic / Re: Great linux games
« Last post by Terminus on 3 September 2015, 18:59:17 »
i used to play 7 kingdoms back in the days, its a not very famous RTS. ITs available on linux now, definetly reccoment to check that out.
Off topic / Littlewargame - a free multiplayer browser RTS Game
« Last post by Terminus on 3 September 2015, 18:58:13 »

Pretty cool game, it runs all in the browser and doesnt even need registration. Its a bit like Age of Empires or Warcraft 3.
It has multiplayer and a map editor and a pretty active community.
MegaGlest / Re:'s Special Pages have 502 error
« Last post by Omega on 1 September 2015, 23:55:51 »
The top square links issue is very strange. I think it's a Firefox bug? It works in Chrome and examining the style in Firefox tells me that it should be working fine (yet obviously doesn't). But I can't reproduce elsewhere...

The logo image somehow disappeared. I don't have the file, so I just resized the logo from elsewhere and reuploaded.
Bug reports / Re: MegaGlest starts spasming
« Last post by tomreyn on 29 August 2015, 12:14:06 »
I think I also saw it years ago on my ULV laptop with many units.
Bug reports / Re: MegaGlest starts spasming
« Last post by jammyjamjamman on 28 August 2015, 23:39:25 »
I have seen this on 1 online game a couple of months ago, when my army was attacking a roman horse unit. My network was lagging quite badly at the time. However, I didn't report it because I've never seen this bug since.
Bug reports / Re: Loads of units = Spasms and units attacking nothing
« Last post by jammyjamjamman on 24 August 2015, 22:56:40 »
Congratulations, you have taken megaglest well beyond the limits it was designed for.  :P

I think you're simply getting errors because you've taken your CPU and/ or RAM and Megaglest beyond what they can cope with. I think the only solution is to buy a supercomputer. :D
fixed. Cheers
Just to note, this is fixed in the git/ development version. Cheers :)
Maps, tilesets and scenarios / Re: map urquan
« Last post by tomreyn on 22 August 2015, 13:26:42 »
This map reminds me a bit of the strongest Ur-Quan Masters battleship. Coincident? :)
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