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To add unit IDs I suggest simply showing their index by the name at the right, I don't think that would be a problem if the units are stored in an array (aren't they?). An "apply" button would be required, a key shortcut could be added to click it.

Also, what if the game AI was reprogrammed using this live-programming feature? I think it would be badass :P
This is best done with a Lua console. GAE had such a feature implemented, which goes to show the effectiveness of such approach. It would let you do all the things you listed and more. Although it's a bit more verbose and there never was a good way to select units programmatically (which probably wouldn't be hard to extend -- IIRC, all that would be needed would be a way to figure out the IDs of units).
Right now, clicking on a barracks, and then clicking on the swordman icon will build 1 swordman.

What if there was a number (0-9) below each unit icon? I could change that number to 3 by clicking an up or down arrow, so that every time I click the unit icon, it would add 3 units to the production queue. Later in the game, if I want to change it back to 1, or to 9, I could click the up or down arrow above and below the number.

Tools / Re: Heightmap Exporter/Import (for gbm / mgm)
« Last post by MuwuM on 13 February 2016, 19:44:53 »
After 9 hours of refactoring and performance improvements I hopefully managed to find a solution.

Cloud you please check the issue again?

available on

MegaGlest / Re: unable to build with Visual Studio Community 2015 on Win7 64
« Last post by filux on 13 February 2016, 19:41:33 »
Thx for finding this  :) this information will help for other testers  :thumbup:

... and mICROSOFT did a "great job" again  :thumbdown:.

This is quite good source of informations about this situation (read also comments on the bottom):

... and there is some helpful video too:
Feature requests / Re: Block complete newbies and low spec hardware from multiplayer.
« Last post by nig on 13 February 2016, 17:46:47 »
After spending 2 days getting Visualstudio2015 to work I tried the scenario.

and I am still crying.

please do not block...

know your noobs and help them, or block their ip in special game, but not the lobby.
do not pegida, you kindle!

MegaGlest / Re: unable to build with Visual Studio Community 2015 on Win7 64
« Last post by nig on 13 February 2016, 17:02:20 »
finally found it:

By default on windows the c++ compilers are not installed by installing visualstudio community 2015.

After installing visualstudio community 2015 you can install the c++ SDK by trying to open an own softwareobject. Do this:

You need to launch Visual studio, then do: file > new > project, in the window than opened, select "Model > Visual C++" and in the middle of the window you should see a button "install microsoft C++" or something like that, click on it and it will launch the install process for the C++ & Microsoft SDK.

Be ready to watch your machine again installing for half an hour, eating another GB. Of course i get the incompatibilitywarning again:

But who cares? Ican build my own again, enjoing being blocked from lobby!

There might be some installation-properties you can set at first installing of "visualstudio community 2015" to avoid this fumbling around. Maybe someone checks that out and put it to the compiling WIKI.
Dont expect Windowsusers to do researches like this. There is a reason, why they are not at Linux.

The bug has been fixed and the repository has been updated. Clone or download the github island_survival repository to enjoy the changes if you like  :thumbup:
Feature requests / What if MG added a "live programming" feature?
« Last post by mathusummut on 13 February 2016, 13:28:10 »
I just had an idea:

What if MG added a "live programming" feature and you could write in-game code like: "gold>200 tent1 stickman" (which is self explanatory)?
You would be able to edit/remove the in-game code in a side-window or bottom window.

Or: "gold>200 tent2 stickman castle1 worker" would mean the first time the gold is greater than 200, a stickman is produced by tent with ID 2, the second time gold is greater than 200, a worker is produced by castle ID 1, and then it alternates.

This is just for the purpose of allowing a certain level of automation to alleviate some of the production stress that comes with late-game when resource acquisition is at an alarming rate.

Also, in order for this feature to work correctly, all units have to be numbered with the ID shown, and the unit selection limit should be removed in order to facilitate the command-giving process for large numbers of units that can come with automation.

Any thoughts?
Thanks bro, looking into it, I will notify you when I fix it :)
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