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Mods / Re: Prax Mod (updated version
« Last post by wciow on Today at 15:54 »
Gave this mod a try and have to say it is really good.

Whilst it doesn’t deviate far from original Glest Magitech factions (actually feels like an upgraded cross of original Magic/Tech) it is full of well made art and has a nice use of particles.

This faction makes good use of newer MG additions such as unit particles, attack boosts and custom HUD.

If i had to pick an area for improvement it would be the blandness of units. Most are straight copies of Magictech units with simple attacks. It would be nice to see something using more complex attacks allowed by the MG improvements.
Mods / Re: anotherSteampunkMOD
« Last post by wciow on Today at 15:32 »
Good luck on this mod  :thumbup:

I especially like the flamethrower unit. Reminds me of a big daddy from Bioshock.
Mods / anotherSteampunkMOD
« Last post by weedkiller on Today at 11:48 »
Hi everyone,
i want to create another steampunk MOD but one which focuses more on heavy tech units.
This is how fare i made it until now:
Sadly i suck at texturework, but since im on my own this will have to work  :P

- please submit units you would like to see.
- any other comment is good
The original idea of the map was to be able to easily fortify your position on a map that didn't look too unnatural.  Also I tried to keep the openings to the home bases fairly large and gently curved for the AI.
I'm not really sure how to do formal testing but I have played on that map a lot and I have not really noticed the AI getting confused ever.  It seems to be able to find every nook and cranny. 

I have noticed if you are in the top right corner spot you can confuse your troops if you don't pay attention and click to send them somewhere right on the outside edge of your home base.  If anything needed a little reshaping it might be that. But the AI doesn't get stuck there.
Did you test the map for pathfinding (both human and AI)? According to your images, looks like a worthy place for a battlefield.
Feature requests / Re: MegaGlest Achievements
« Last post by Carl the Great on Today at 03:39 »
The link above is "dead". Do you have another working link?
Bug reports / Re: "Bull" unit
« Last post by Carl the Great on Today at 03:37 »
Excellent, you just gave me the cause of the unusual texture of the Bull; a vertical flip, I assumed before? I recommend a retexture of it at the next release.
MegaGlest / Re: "Rider" unit
« Last post by Carl the Great on Today at 03:27 »
I see now; the Rider unit is the actual Horseman unit, just with the name changed.

I recommend to remove the ..\MegaGlest\docs\glest_factions folder at the next MegaGlest release, just to remind you. Outdated files.
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