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Good evening everyone,

First things first: I am from germany so I hope my english teacher did a good job. If not...I am sorry if you have to guess what my sentences mean. Just feel free to ask if necessary.

I am a quite big fan of MegaGlest for over three years now and looking really forward to this project. I am so interested in this project because I see so much potential in it.
I am also really impressed how much you can adjust and modify the game to your own personal liking...From Sounds over editing the damage-multiplicators to create entire new factions. I have never seen so many possibillities to modify a game to the own personal taste - Great job!

I know the project is still unter heavy developement(or at least I hope so) and it is not easy to find time to improve the game.  But as a new Member of your community I would like to help improve the quality of the game by adding my suggestions to the forum. But before that I want to give you(The developement team) a little overview of how my impression of the game is in the moment. I just want to give the developement team an impression of a player who plays the game here and there because feedback is the most importent factor in the improvement of a game - Without feedback of the users no one of the the developement team knows if the game is on a good way or not.

How is my impression of the game at the current state ?
It is a little hard for me to describe it and find the right words but I will try it anyways.

The Base game:
I think the base game ist already in a very good state, you have many factions and a much units to choose from so there is  no real reason for me to get bored of this game because of not enough variation. In therms of functionallity I do not see any minor or game  breaking bugs, so its stable in my opinion - At least the singleplayer because I never actually played the multiplayer.

The buildings:
The most basic buldings are there and do what they should do without any bugs. But in my Opinion there are two problems:

1: I would like so have a store house where I could store my wood, gold and stone. I was a bit confused the first time as I saw that such a building is not avalible. I think a storage house for the ressources is a must-have for the future.

2: When I saw the worker drop the wood in the BLACKSMITH I was even more confused then before. I think that has to be fixed in addition with the first problem.

The fights:
On the one side the fights are nice to look at and fighting is fun for me but there are some bugs that restrict the fun a bit...

First: As i looked in the damage multiplier I saw some things that botherd me. First I think that only units with attack-value "Impact"(Such as catapults and similar sige weapons) should be able to damage buldings. I hate it every time when I see that a fighter with a sword can damage or even destroy a entire building in a game when there are sige weapons avalible.

Second: I also think, that the multiplier-values should be rebalanced to put more strategic thinking in the games. For example: a stickfighter should not be able to really hurt a full protected guard with his PLATE armor.

Here an example of my damage-multiplier values(I added the attack type "fire" for the magic faction for the battlemages in my xml) - That ist just an EXAMPLE of my personal taste:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>

   <description value="magitech tech tree"/>

      <attack-type name="fire"/>
      <attack-type name="slashing"/>
      <attack-type name="piercing"/>
      <attack-type name="impact"/>
      <attack-type name="energy"/>
      <attack-type name="sword"/>
      <attack-type name="arrow"/>
      <attack-type name="magic"/>
      <attack-type name="beat"/>

      <armor-type name="organic"/>
      <armor-type name="leather"/>
      <armor-type name="wood"/>
      <armor-type name="metal"/>
      <armor-type name="stone"/>

      <damage-multiplier attack="arrow" armor="organic" value="1.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="arrow" armor="leather" value="0.75"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="arrow" armor="metal" value="0.5"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="arrow" armor="wood" value="0.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="arrow" armor="stone" value="0.0"/>

      <damage-multiplier attack="sword" armor="organic" value="1.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="sword" armor="wood" value="0.25"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="sword" armor="stone" value="0.0"/>

      <damage-multiplier attack="beat" armor="organic" value="1.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="beat" armor="leather" value="0.25"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="beat" armor="metal" value="0.20"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="beat" armor="wood" value="0.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="beat" armor="stone" value="0.0"/>

      <damage-multiplier attack="magic" armor="organic" value="1.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="magic" armor="wood" value="0.75"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="magic" armor="stone" value="0.25"/>

      <damage-multiplier attack="piercing" armor="organic" value="1.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="piercing" armor="leather" value="0.75"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="piercing" armor="metal" value="0.50"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="piercing" armor="wood" value="0.25"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="piercing" armor="stone" value="0.0"/>

      <damage-multiplier attack="impact" armor="organic" value="1.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="impact" armor="leather" value="1.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="impact" armor="wood" value="0.75"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="impact" armor="metal" value="0.5"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="impact" armor="stone" value="0.25"/>

      <damage-multiplier attack="slashing" armor="organic" value="1.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="slashing" armor="wood" value="0.5"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="slashing" armor="stone" value="0.0"/>

      <damage-multiplier attack="energy" armor="organic" value="1.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="energy" armor="wood" value="1.25"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="energy" armor="stone" value="0.25"/>

      <damage-multiplier attack="fire" armor="wood" value="1.25"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="fire" armor="organic" value="1.00"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="fire" armor="leather" value="0.5"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="fire" armor="metal" value="0.25"/>
      <damage-multiplier attack="fire" armor="stone" value="0.00"/>

Third: I found out that some of the buildings and units have the wrong "armor". For example: An obelisk(Which is crearly made out of stone) withe armor-value "wood" ? Or a swordman(Who has clearly a chain mail under his clothing) with the armor value "leather" ? there are some of this bugs in the current state and I would appreciate it if that would be fixed in the future.

The possibillities to modify the game:
As i said earlier I think the possibillities that are avalible are great. But I would like to have step-by-step instruction on how to create and add new upgrades to the game, because I get everytime a game- breaking error if I try to add an upgrade. So I would really love to see a page in the wiki only dedicaded to the creation of upgrades and how to add the upgrades to the game.

And this should be the end of my post.

Let me know what your current impression of the game is. Feedback is the key for the developement team to improve/fix the right areas in the game.