Author Topic: mega glest crashes in custom game with the tech faction only!!  (Read 5410 times)


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Good evening!! there is a similar topic that already exists but i did not find the solution in there,that is why i am asking again!!
mega glest 3-13 crashes every time i try to build a farm in custom game with the tech faction!! only the tech faction.
i have played a full custom game with the indian faction,i had no problem!! i tryed playing an old version of mega glest
that i still had and i used to play without any problems. it also crashed the same way!!  i am using windows 7!!
thank you!  this just one error!! every time it a different error. but the crash is the same.

Unknown error [main]!
Stack Trace:
f8fb47da 00000001 001145a0 00000000 ZwGetContextThread!ntdll (null)(0) +10
40490db8 fffffffe 001145a0 001145a0 ZwGetContextThread!megaglestx64 (null)(0) +0
40229185 408f1d18 408f1d00 00000001 ZwGetContextThread!megaglestx64 (null)(0) +0
408273c4 00117430 00119080 00119570 ZwGetContextThread!megaglestx64 (null)(0) +0
4079f280 4082735c 00120570 00120570 SDL_wcslen!megaglestx64 (null)(0) +1731380
40797dec 4082735c 001186f8 00000100 SDL_wcslen!megaglestx64 (null)(0) +1174000
7750baf3 00000000 00119570 00000000 SDL_wcslen!megaglestx64 (null)(0) +1144156
402244be 02a1bc38 02a1bc38 02261750 RtlRestoreContext!ntdll (null)(0) +739
40224d3c 77280000 00000000 00426f40 RtlRestoreContext!megaglestx64 (null)(0) +0
4023f24c 00426f40 00000001 00426f40 RtlRestoreContext!megaglestx64 (null)(0) +0
407d9b9e 00426f40 408c0738 408c0798 RtlRestoreContext!megaglestx64 (null)(0) +0
40794489 40e1e468 00000000 00000000 SDL_wcslen!megaglestx64 (null)(0) +1413902
772959cd 00000000 00000000 00000000 SDL_wcslen!megaglestx64 (null)(0) +1129465
774f383d 00000000 00000000 00000000 BaseThreadInitThunk!kernel32 (null)(0) +13
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 RtlUserThreadStart!ntdll (null)(0) +29
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 RtlUserThreadStart!ntdll (null)(0) +29


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Re: mega glest crashes in custom game with the tech faction only!!
« Reply #1 on: 27 August 2018, 00:32:52 »
Hi and thanks for your report.

This is the first such report we received. If it was a general issue, I'm sure we would have received more such reports by now. This is why, until there will be indications to the opposite, it makes me think this is most likely an issue on your end.
I suggest you try the following:
  • Force a file system check
  • Fully update your operating system
  • Purge, re-download and reinstall MegaGlest, ensuring the checksum of your download matches the one listed on GitHub.
  • Temporarily disable your anti virus and malware detection software and see whether you can still reproduce this issue
  • Move your game user data out of the way to test whether this solves the issue
  • Test your hardware such as storage (examine S.M.A.R.T.) and memory (run two full passes of memtest86(+))  for reliability
atibox: Ryzen 1800X (8 cores @3.6GHz), 32 GB RAM, MSI Radeon RX 580 Gaming X 8G, PCI subsystem ID [1462:3417], (Radeon RX 580 chipset, POLARIS10) @3440x1440; latest stable Ubuntu release, (open source) radeon (amdgpu) / mesa video driver
atibox (old): Core2Quad Q9400 (4 cores @2.66GHz), 8 GB RAM, XFX HD-467X-DDF2, PCI subsystem ID [1682:2931], (Radeon HD 4670, RV730 XT) @1680x1050; latest stable Ubuntu release, (open source) radeon / mesa video driver
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