Author Topic: Is there any option to change the Setting "Pause for Lagged Clients" (headless)  (Read 393 times)


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Hi there!

Please excuse my bad english, but it isn't my first language ;D

I have a question to you: Is it possible to change the setting "Pause for Lagged Clients" at the official headless MegaGlest server? If I join the server, i see there nowhere a option, to change this setting.
But I think there is to be a way to change that setting because in the "megaglest"-folder is a file named "lastHeadlessGameSettings.mgg". In this file there are a command line with the entry "NetworkPauseGameForLaggedClients=0".
The Problem: I think, that this file is only a log file...

To your information: I know, it is possible to change this setting if you host your own game. But it isn't possible for me to host my own game because my network administrator blocked port forwarding in the router configuration :(

Is there any option to set the option "Pause for Lagged Clients" at the headless-Server to true? It is really annoying when I play with friends and there get kicked out during the game because of "lagging".

Thank you for your help!