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Glest ports
« on: 12 December 2007, 21:05:13 »
There are two main Glest ports:

Windows/DirectSound - The original version of the game, created by Martiño,  uses the WinAPI for window and event management and Direct Sound 9 to play music and sound effects, is the code used for the windows version of the game.

SDL/OpenAL - Matze ported the Windows version to SDL and OpenAL, so it runs under Linux and other operating systems. To play the game you need to download and compile the latest code from sourceforge and use the latest data package. However, there are several packages already available for several distrubutions, and some, like SUSE, already include the game.

The Glest Team maintains both Windows and Linux versions, however the game might run also in Mac and other Unix OSs, as long as they are running in little endian machines.
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