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Glest crash while starting
« on: 12 May 2008, 17:16:13 »

On my Mac Glest seems to start up nicely. After selecting a scenario the screen with all the init messages comes up. After a lot of those messages Glest quits without any comment, except in the console log which says:

Restarting audio source because of buffer underrun.
Couldn't process event: OpenGL error: invalid enumerant at file: /Users/kseki/Develop/glest-source-3.1.2/Xcode/../glest_game/graphics/renderer.cpp, line 2483
Exception: OpenGL error: invalid enumerant at file: /Users/kseki/Develop/glest-source-3.1.2/Xcode/../glest_game/graphics/renderer.cpp, line 279

Running on 10.4.11, Cube G4 @ 1.2GHz, Nvidia 2mx graphics
OpenGL claims to be 1.4.7

I had posted this under a different topic before...sorry, my fault
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Re: Glest crash while starting
« Reply #1 on: 18 March 2012, 17:08:27 »
Just in case anyone comes across this:
The OpenGL "invalid enumerant" error is usually caused by broken or outdated graphics drivers. It also happens with the experimental VirtualBox 4.1 3D passthrough driver with Linux host + guest.

Mac users can now use MegaGlest (instead of Glest) which provides working OS X builds on a regular basis.
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