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Voice acting up for hire!
« on: 27 June 2008, 09:59:33 »
Wasn't to sure where to inquire about a voice acting part but it turns out my Grandpa was smart for getting this old, still working like a dream, microphone.  (UNIVERSAL at that)  So ya I was wondering if you guys would want to add some of me and my friends voice acting.  

I'll come up with a bit of my and friends acting skills when I get a 'ya sure'.  Just to see what you think.  I'm Tony from the US and I can do a broad array of American, British, asian, Demonic voices.  My friend, aka Fox or Foxy, has a broad spectrum as well, such as Scottish, British/english, and of course the base language here in America in many tones.  We can do more, but these are our majors.
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« Reply #1 on: 28 June 2008, 01:33:51 »
I don't think you need to ask permission for something like this. If you want it then go for it, post it and if people want it they can download it. Every month I post links to work like this (I saw your other post on the voices).
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