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Glest Advanced Engine (GAE) overview
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Update by Omega 2012-9-28:

All GAE documentation has been ported to the wiki:

Q: What is Glest Advanced Engine?
GAE is a fork of the Glest engine aimed at bringing improved functionality and flexibility to the game.  GAE is backward compatible (or should be) with all Glest mods, but mods written for GAE will not necessarily work correctly on the original Glest engine.

Q: When did GAE fork from Glest?
The fork was originally started previous to Glest 3.0, all changes made up until the final version of Glest (3.2.2) have since been merged.

Q: How do I compile the source myself?
Please refer to the Compile Guide.

Q: Where can I download Glest Advanced Engine?

Q: How do I install Glest Advanced Engine?
The current GAE packages (0.3.1) are provided as a SEPARATE install. Unlike the pre-0.3 versions, these work standalone in their own directory, though all normal glest mods, maps, tilesets, and scenarios are compatable, though have slightly different places to be installed, due to changes in the folder structure.

Q: What is FPM?
Four Path Magitech, is/was a mod for which GAE primarily came into existance. FPM is either dead, or in a very deep slumber, GAE no longer exists to serve the needs of one mod, we aim to provide features that all/many mods might benifit from.

Q: I found a bug, how do I report it.
First check our active tickets and do a search to make sure it's not already reported.  If not, you can create a new ticket.
You can also post on this forum for help.  Please do not file a bug report if you are having problems setting up GAE for the first time, because it's probably not a bug.

Q: Is there any documentation for GAE?
Some documentation is on the glest wikia and some can be found on the sourceforge wiki.
Sorry for being so disorganised, we're working on it (slowly).

Q: Is it possible to have a "hero" type of unit, like on Warcraft?
Yes.  Create a static resource (just like energy in magitech), name it something like "heros" and add <display value="false"/>.  Next either add a starting value for this resource to your faction.xml or create a building that provides the desired number if you want it based upon a building.  (note, I haven't tested provisioning of static resources in faction.xml, so please post if it doesn't work for you).

Q: What is the license?
Glest source code is GPL. For the data you can do whatever you want with it as long as you give the creator credit; This will work fine with nearly every open source license GPL/BSD/CreativeCommon. Only Public Domain will not work, as it has not credits.

Q: How do I save my game?
Press 'Z'.

Q: How do I know what the hot keys are?  Can they be changed?
Currently, there is no user interface to change or view the hot key assignments.  However, as of 0.2.10, you can view and edit the file keymap.ini (which is generated the 1st time you run GAE).  To see what the key code is for a give key, you can also edit your glestadv.ini file and changed MiscDebugKeys to "true", run the game and then every time you press a key, the key code will be displayed.  This is not an ideal approach, but it's workable until a UI for hot key assignments is made.

Q: What is the history of Glest, GAE and MegaGlest?
GAE, Megaglest & what happens next... , Any more hope for GAE to Glest 4.0? , Future Prospects: One Glest.

If you have any questions please start a new topic, or ask in any related topic that may already exist.
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