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READ THIS FIRST: How to report bugs
« on: 24 April 2010, 17:27:13 »
First of all, check whether a solution of this issue is already known.
Check whether your issue is covered in the FAQ, the installation instructions or the README file.
It's enough to check the table of contents, you don't need to read the complete text.

Hint: You can also use the forum search to see whether others ran into similar issues and were able to solve or work around them.

If, after checking this, there is still something wrong for you with MegaGlest then we will appreciate your report on this forum after reading and understanding the text below.

You may alternatively report your bugs on GitHub. We expect you to know your way around GitHub then, but please be sure to select the proper repository: anything engine related should go  into megaglest-source while game assets related bug reports go into the megaglest-data repository.

How to report bugs on the forums

* A new topic for every new problem
Start a topic for every bug you encounter. Even if it looks similar to what someone else reported earlier. If it seems that two bugs were reported on the same issue we may merge threads later, but please don't add to another bug which just seems somewhat similar if you are not sure whether both have the exact same cause.

* Description
Describe the problem. Skip the subject line for now, but describe the issue you ran into as good as you can in the text box:
  * Explain the problem to someone who does not know you, your preferences, your computer hardware (CPU, RAM, video card) and installed software (what other software is / was running in the background?) and how you have configured it.
  * Provide any error messages, unabbreviated and unmodified.
  * What happened exactly?
  * Which exact steps need to be taken by someone else to run into the same problem? What were you doing when this happened?
  * Do you run any non-standard MegaGlest (a MegaGlest full conversion, a Linux distributions' build, or have you compiled it yourself?) or operating system?
  * Are you running anti-virus software and do you have a personal/host-based firewall (such as Windows firewall, ZoneAlarm etc.)? If so, which one (exact product description and version number, please)?

* MegaGlest version
Report the exact MegaGlest version you are using: Run the game, then check the 'About' menu for the exact version number. Or, if the game won't start, change into its installation directory and run ./start_megaglest --version (on Linux) or megaglest --version (on Windows) to get it. If this does not work either then check the name of the installer file you downloaded, it also contains the version number.

* Operating system
Tell us exactly which operating system you are using: Operating system, version, platform and patch level. For example: Ubuntu Linux 11.04 or Windows XP Professional edition or Windows 7 Basic, all available updates installed as of Feb 22 2022. Also, is it a 32 or 64 bit bit operating system (how to tell on Linux)?.

* Download location
Tell us where you downloaded MegaGlest from (exact Internet address if possible, otherwise just the name of the website) and provide the exact name of the file you downloaded!

* Logs and screen shots
Run the game from a command prompt window (on Windows) / from a terminal window (on Linux/OS X), since this will give you on-screen logs, too. Screen shots can also say more than a thousand words sometimes, so please make use of them.

You can post log files to or (this is just one of many options). When you submit it you will be redirected to a new Internet address (URL). Copy this URL from your web browsers' address bar and post it here on the forums. Screen shots can be uploaded to (again that's just one of many options).

Only if we ask you to do so, get us some debug log files, too: Enable debug logging in your glestuser.ini, using the DebugMode=1 option.

* Meaningful subject
Summarize the most important info in the subject line. Start the Subject in the following format:
Code: [Select]
x.x.x, platform, problem summarywhere x.x.x is the version (like 3.8.0-beta1), platform is Linux 32-bit or Windows7 64-bit or Mac OS X etc, and problem summary is a concise description of the problem (we may change this later). To save some space, you can abbreviate the platform as L32 (for 32 bit Linux) or W7-64 (for Windows 7, 64 bit).

Now re-read what you wrote into the text box and summarize this into a terse but descriptive and unique subject.

Post your bug report now, keeping this window open so you can check whether you've provided all required information.

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