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Music: Choose playlist in New Game menu?
« on: 19 September 2010, 16:36:50 »
I'm liking the new playlist feature and I know there's a shuffle feature planned for it but mainly when test and sometimes when playing I get sick of the same music in the background all the time.
So could playlists be defined in some new xml which allows for none faction specific music to be played also? Maybe this could be changed in game at some point too?
So my Necribus Faction has its own playlist along with my Hyperion, but in the New Game menu there could be a Music drop down box which lists all available playlists to play like: Default (which is the chosen faction's playlist) or Hyperion, Necribus (which would be playlists taken from factions) then custom extra playlists like Doom Soundtrack or Disturbed, these could be loaded in addons so people can play their own music. Maybe add a CD Audio option so all tracks from a CD are played or CD Audio D: (adding the drive letter for multiple drives so emulated drives can be used).
Scenarios would maybe not support this, I ahven't tried making these yet so I'm not sure if music is loaded through LUA or not and when Joining a multiplayer game music should be chosen there too.
There's a lot here but I think it would make an interesting extra feature, obviously AI and Multiplayer is much more important at the minute but this would be nice.


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Re: Music: Choose playlist in New Game menu?
« Reply #1 on: 21 September 2010, 02:19:13 »
Can do, ticket #187.

Provisional target 0.5, as you said yourself, other things would have to take priority over this, also, I think CD support would be a bit of pain to implement in a platform neutral way, so that is not likely  :(
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Re: Music: Choose playlist in New Game menu?
« Reply #2 on: 21 September 2010, 09:58:43 »
Cool,I think it would be nice to have some variety with music. If there's no CD support maybe somewhere in the user folders of GAE there could be a folder where anyone can drop some random tracks in and they get loaded in a User playlist, I probably wouldn't bother and just use my own playlists but other player may just fancy hearing their own music in game.