Author Topic: Feature request: Sacrificing units  (Read 802 times)


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Feature request: Sacrificing units
« on: 21 September 2010, 20:47:41 »
i was hitting around this idea with Seanachaidh, and we came to the conclusion that the ability to sacrifice units for a small gain would be useful for a few reasons:

1. to gain a resource (such as souls or something) which you cant normally obtain

2. to recycle the unit, maybe for a fraction of the cost

3. or even maybe a way to sacrifice a unit by putting it into a building for a production boost or something (this would work off of the garrison idea)

what do you think?


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Re: Feature request: Sacrificing units
« Reply #1 on: 21 September 2010, 21:04:44 »
I'd like to see this. This way I can add more to the first faction of my mod to give them more of a difference for when my other factions come along. Sacrificing certain amounts of certain units for mega units would make it harder to get tough things out which is all good. Maybe units have to be a certain level to be sacrificed too, so for example my Imps/Zombies would have to gain a level before they're worthy sacrifices for tougher things.


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Re: Feature request: Sacrificing units
« Reply #2 on: 22 September 2010, 11:10:01 »
Let me think on this... it would be nice to implement this using effects (and recourse effects), so the primary effect kills one unit, and the recourse effect provides the bonus to some other unit...
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