Author Topic: Size of the back.tga File  (Read 740 times)


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Size of the back.tga File
« on: 30 September 2010, 01:38:54 »
The "back.tga" file (one of the menu textures, used for the background of the loading screens, etc) has always been a 1024x512 image, due to the "power of 2 restrictions". This means that the resolution is 2:1, and thus, we have to paste a stretched image in and let it stretch to the window, which would give poor quality. My proposal is to have the ability to create true sized images, such as one in a 4:3 ratio, the most common (ie: 1024x768, or 1200x900, etc;). Alternatively, it could be beneficial to have two images, one for wide screen resolutions (16:9) and one for standard resolutions (4:3). Not sure how wide screen stretches it at the moment...

If we maintain support for the current 1024x512 resolution, we break nothing, but open possibilities for higher quality images (stretching = image breaker) to ensure that the image looks as originally intended.

Also, for clarification, what exactly is with all the power of 2 limitations of Glest? Surely modern software has no trouble loading non-square images? I know that several modelling formats require them, but what about the ones that are always 2D, such as interface images?

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Re: Size of the back.tga File
« Reply #1 on: 5 October 2010, 14:05:03 »
Ticket 217.

The 'dimensions must be powers of two' is an opengl thing, but we just need to allocate a bigger texture (that is powers of two in both dimensions) and modify our texture coordinates accordingly, so we can lift the restriction for background textures, probably not a good idea to do it for model textures as well though.
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