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Re: Licensing your mod
« Reply #50 on: 27 February 2015, 12:00:18 »
I'm sorry, It's a my foolish reading mistake that I misread his word "permit" to "omit", so I misread his whole context reversely. Really sorry john, I read your comment again now correctly, I have no opposition to your opinion. I want to bury my head in shame.
Don't worry; even my fellow Americans don't understand me half the time. ;D
Thanks.  :) You're tolerant man indeed. :thumbup:
At any rate, these matters about lincense laws always made headaches illiteracy man like me. :'(
I'd rather focus entirely on making my contents more complete than bother about fatwā.
Bushido to iu wa shinu koto to mitsuketari.

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Re: Licensing your mod
« Reply #51 on: 6 June 2015, 13:29:05 »
If Creative Commons Licenses are an option for you, I find their license choosing tool rather easy to use:

(You may already know this...)
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