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Attack Location
« on: 23 June 2011, 17:21:08 »
This was mentioned before in the past, but I do not recall it being implemented and cannot find the topic. Basically, rather than attacking a unit (or more specifically, selecting to attack a unit and attacking the location where the unit was), you directly choose a location to attack, so if you think an opponent is going to move to be at cell X by the time your projectile reaches them, you can aim there (thus, more manual work, but more effective, as otherwise you might completely miss a target when they are moving, since they are no longer where they were when the attack started, and tracking doesn't fit every situation).

This would also be extremely useful for UNATF's Nuke special attack, as normally you can only attack a unit, so if you want to attack the foe's base, you'd need to send a scout, get your missile silo ready, and when the scout reaches the foe's base, quickly target one of their buildings, such as the headquarters. This is a bit counter-intuitive, and being able to attack the location (as long as it is at least "explored", or perhaps that could be toggled in the XML? Might be interesting to blindly attack a location hoping for a hit with no way of knowing if it was successful). This would use a modified attack command, with the exact same parameters as a normal attack command.

Since there is already ways to attack a location (though if you "attack a location" with a regular attack skill, it just keeps the attack command active until it sees a unit, then attacks that unit's location), this could presumably be implemented by somehow modifying how that works (I won't pretend to know how, and if I am completely wrong with this presumption, disregard it as the rambling of a fool).

If implemented, I can guarentee its use in at least two UNATF units, and the Nuke almost would require this, as the current way, as explained above, is impractical.
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Re: Attack Location
« Reply #1 on: 27 June 2011, 11:12:00 »
Yeah, I thought it might be wise after we added cloaking, and it obviously have other uses... like big missles  :D

Existing ticket: 267.
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