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Tileset unique maps
« on: 6 July 2011, 01:42:18 »
With the dawn of many tilesets using new techniques with larger than normal objects (eg: 2x2 objects like houses), these tilesets need special maps made specifically for them, and these maps will not generally work with other tilesets. Thus, the solution I propose to prevent clashing is to have maps that are "tileset specific", meaning they can only be chosen with that tileset. To do this, the map would simply have to be inside the tileset directory (eg: Tilesets/dark_forest, the same directory as the tileset XML is stored).

If the user selects that map on the new game screen, the list of tilesets will automatically change to filter out the non-supporting tilesets. If they choose that tileset, the same goes for the map list. There can be multiple maps inside the tileset folder (meaning the tileset can be used on multiple different maps) and maps can appear inside more than one tileset folder (so if map A is in both Tileset1 and Tileset2's folders, then both Tileset1 and Tileset2 will appear in the tileset's list on the new game screen). Yes, this would mean there could be multiple copies of the same map, but it's the cleanest way, and besides, it's unlikely for many tileset-specific maps to be compatible with more than one tileset.

Scenarios will completely ignore this rule, to allow custom maps that are only for that scenario to be used.

Pros and Cons Analysis
  • Prevents incompatible maps from being used in tilesets made only for certain maps
  • Still MG compatible (though the tileset specific maps wouldn't appear in MG, the tileset itself would still work, and the maps would just have to be added to the MG directory
  • Doesn't break scenarios and the way they can have maps that won't appear in the map list

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Re: Tileset unique maps
« Reply #1 on: 18 July 2011, 02:27:31 »
Massive +1 :thumbup:

This would allow us to organise tilesets better, and maybe lead to adding xml attributes to objects like hp?
If we could set out groups of objects in their own folders with their own .xmls, for example.


I'd love to see things like Unit effects and emanations on tileset objects, infact everything possible to add to units should be possible with tileset objects. What about things like <capturable="true" />?
Really the possibilities are endless...  :confused:  ;D


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Re: Tileset unique maps
« Reply #2 on: 18 July 2011, 03:35:47 »
Hello, Zoythrus here, and i endorse this thread.  :thumbup: