Author Topic: Allow detectors to have multiple cloak groups  (Read 776 times)


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Allow detectors to have multiple cloak groups
« on: 4 August 2011, 22:04:51 »
Just a small change, allowing detectors to have multiple cloak groups would be a huge asset for Apocalyptic Dawn, which is fine the UNATF as it is, but once the Brotherhood is implemented, it would need detectors to be able to exist in multiple cloak groups to ensure that the planned stealth vs detection balance can go as planned.

This would preferably use slightly tweaked code such as:
Code: [Select]
<group name="ground-cloak" />
<group name="air-cloak" />

It would be an optional value, though at least one of either the one group or multigroup syntax would have to be used, and if both are present, use the multigroup (more versatile).

The current plans of stealth and detecting units in Apocalyptic Dawn is:
So, the stealth units in UNATF are the B-2 Spirit and the XM500 Special Op. The B-2 Spirit can only be detected by UNATF's Patriot Missile System, while the Brotherhood detects it with their L152 Takeout unit. The XM500 Special Op can be detected by the MQ-1C Grey Eagle in UNATF and the Attack Dog or the IT26 SHADE Trooper in the Brotherhood. Both of these lose stealth temporarily while attacking.

In the Brotherhood, there is currently only IT26 SHADE Trooper with stealth, and it is detected by the MQ-1C Grey Eagle in UNATF and the Attack Dog in the Brotherhood. It loses stealth if it attacks with it's gun, but not if it attacks with its knife. As necessary, all units must have some type of detector in both factions (so in a Brotherhood vs Brotherhood game, things still work, etc).
Only changes to this original message is that the XM500 Special Op will uncloak on move, not attack, and the IT26 SHADE Trooper will not uncloak on its machete attack, only on the assault rifle attack.
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