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Problem with subfactions
« on: 16 August 2011, 23:06:52 »
Hello again! In my mod one of my factions had important technology which unlocked a super building. Because of the style of the upgrade, I wanted to change it into subfaction system. I set that the technology advances to the subfaction and the super building is restricted to that faction. However the error log says:

XML Error in techs/colony/factions/Xenon's Forces/units/imperial_academy:
   Subfaction not found: imperial_forces
XML Error in techs/colony/factions/Xenon's Forces/upgrades/imperial_reformation:
   Subfaction not found: imperial_forces

However I have initialised the subfaction in the faction XML:

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>

<resource name="gold" amount="5000"/>
<resource name="steel" amount="5000"/>
<resource name="_population" amount="0"/>
<resource name="unique" amount="1"/>
<unit name="governors_palace" amount="1"/>
<unit name="prospector" amount="2"/>
<unit name="refiner" amount="2"/>
<music value="true" play-list="true" shuffle="false">
<music-file path="music/xenons_theme01.ogg">
<logo value="true">
<team-colour path="logos/xenon_logo_team.png" />
<rgba-colour path="logos/xenon_logo_rgba.png" />
<attack-notice enabled="true" min-delay="25">
<sound-file path="sounds/gong1.wav"/>
<sound-file path="sounds/gong2.wav"/>
<sound-file path="sounds/gong3.wav"/>
<subfaction name="imperial_forces"/>

Well, sorry for bothering again, but I can't find resolution to this problem. I hope it is not any kind of stupid syntax error or something like that... I have checked if few times. Could someone aid me with this problem, please (I'm using GAE 4.0 beta1, but should I move to 4.0 beta2)?