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A couple of questions
« on: 25 August 2011, 16:59:31 »
I just came back to Glest after a few years, and was thrilled to see the progress you have made!
However, I have 2 questions about the engine. First of all, did you remove the windowed option for GAE? Either I'm blind, or it's gone.  ;D Windowed mode is great for testing purposes, AND ati users can't take screenshots in fullscreen games, so I would very much like to go into windowed mode.

Also, I noticed you have shader support now, but I find very little information about this. Iadded _specular at the end of my specular's name, but nothing happened. I even added it manually using g3d hack, but nothing seems to happen. How functional are the shaders right now? Also, I could see in someone's screenshot that even if it does work, the effects are very subtle. What would be the easiest way to crank it up a bit, are the shaders in GLSL or in some homebrew language?

I'd appreciate if someone could help me out with those questions. :) As a reward, you can see my rubber ducks floating around; . :)


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Re: A couple of questions
« Reply #1 on: 25 August 2011, 22:19:01 »
Windowed mode is available in the .ini file under "DisplayWindowed=true/false".

I don't think the specular shader is enabled atm, but a dev will have to confirm my suspicion  :look:
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Re: A couple of questions
« Reply #2 on: 25 August 2011, 22:45:48 »
Aha, found it! As I recall, there used to be a config file in the glest folder, now it was another .ini, in another folder.  :O Got me confused for a second there.

And too bad, specular was the only shader I more or less could use, rubber ducks don't really need normal maps.  :)

Thanks for the help wciow, as a reward, you can chose the duckling of your liking


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Re: A couple of questions
« Reply #3 on: 26 August 2011, 12:49:40 »
If you get one of the latest builds it has the options in the game menu. Make sure the option to enable specular is set to true also check the shader supports specular. I'm not entirely sure if specular is working in game but I guess it should. Silnarm's g3dhack/model viewer program might be good to look at too.

Edit: I had a look at the shaders and specular mapping isn't supported.
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