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Blend files for Megapack
« on: 18 December 2011, 01:03:39 »
Becasue we are preparing to get into the debian linux distribution I was forced to cleanup my blender file hell ....

Here you find blend files for nearly all the models from the megapack

The factions ( beside tech/magic of course ):

and here are the tilesets ( not all of them yet, I am still saerching )...

Some of the things might look like they have no texture, but they have!.  This is becasue they have the texture path from my filesystem in it which shouldn't be too hard to fix for those who know something about blender ;-).

All stuff as usual CC-BY-SA v3 unported . If you want to give credits detailed see the from megaglest ( in docs )
( or here: )
very roughly its: romans are made by eliminator most of the other stuff is from me.

Maybe someone with more free time than me is willing to upload some of this stuff to too?
( And I still have trouble to get an account there, becasue i get no email after registering )
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Re: Blend files for Megapack
« Reply #1 on: 18 December 2011, 12:12:19 »
Thanks a bunch for sorting this out, Titi!
I just created an OGA account for you and forwarded you the login credentials - hopefully this way it will work with Yahoo
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Re: Blend files for Megapack
« Reply #2 on: 18 December 2011, 19:20:06 »
Awesome, Titi. It's great to have the original models available to the public. I wouldn't mind seeing more mods doing this.
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