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Death animation based on attack type
« on: 4 February 2012, 00:44:09 »
This is only a visual addition, and nothing important and wouldn't change the gameplay. However it would greatly enchant the feeling of the game, at least in my opinion.

Allow different death animations (I don't know should they be different skills or just commands inside the death-skill) based on what was the reason of death. For example, infantry unit usually falls down when killed. However if he would be killed with flamethrower, the death animation could be different (the unit in panic and scorching) or if killed by special toxin, some green neoplasm would grow out of its skin. Think how cool Archmage would be (it is even now one of the coolest MagiTech units) if static fire would cause death animations about dying to flams or ice nova would freeze them solid? 8)

I think there could be two ways to implement this. Either attack or some effect could have some special tags and then the death-skill could have default animation and animation is case of the special tag. I hope you understand what I mean? This could be flexible.

Another option would be that there is different death animations per attack type. I mean the attack types which are defined in the techtree.xml (ie. piercing or energy).

This would have no effect on gameplay, and I don't know if it is worth the time of the busy developers of the GAE (as its effect is purely cosmetic), but I think it would really add more feeling to the game. Especially if there are some elite units, which would trigger interesting death animations to their victims.

What do you think? :)