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0.3.93 Can't select units, terrain Tile problem
« on: 5 October 2012, 18:09:57 »
So I've been using .4 Beta 2 and noticed Beta 3 (.3.93) So I upgraded only to discover:

-I can't select units (I can select units in .4 Beta 2 and prior versions). In .3.93 I cannot select units.

-The terrain tiles are still not random. The bug is still there. Megaglest, and prior versions .3.92 of GAE work correctly. See my previous post:

So I guess I'm stuck with .4 Beta 2 and I'll eventually just fork out some cash and pay a programmer to fix it. None of you guys have acknowledged the terrain tile error since I posted it.

No idea why my mouse doesn't work in .3.93. I just redownloaded my graphics drivers just in case, I'm using an ATI HD 5770. I have no problems with the mouse on prior versions just .3.93.

And I was liking 3.93 because the Normals show up perfectly.

[Edit] Got my normals to work perfectly in .4 Beta 2 by dragging and dropping the new Bump Map shader XML (from .3.93) as well as all the other files into my .4 Beta 2 Shader folder.  :D

Now if only you guys could fix the terrain tile not being random enough bug, I'd be good to go.
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