Author Topic: Suggestions for AI: (3) Ignore zero-size units.  (Read 542 times)


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Suggestions for AI: (3) Ignore zero-size units.
« on: 8 October 2012, 07:32:20 »
Problem: A CPU faction gets confused when faced to an enemy unit of size zero. Such a unit cannot be killed, but the CPU units are irresistibly attracted to it, refusing to leave the spot.

Comment: A discussion in an earlier post ( ended with the agreement that the clause 'allowEmpty' in the unit definition had to be a solution. Unfortunately, it is not so: Any size-zero unit will fix the AI warriors indefinitely. It is true that only in some particular cases is this problem significant: to have a problem we must have a CPU army destroying an enemy base that had some culprit zero-sizes, and there must be some more enemy factions on the map. Then the AI units get glued to the spot, entirely forfeiting the rest of enemies, and thus ruining the game. Pretty thin if you want, but we all know how old Murphy lurks about.

Suggestion: Have the AI warriors ignore all size-zero enemy units. Simplest solutions are often the best.