Author Topic: show transparency in blenders 3d-Display  (Read 1258 times)


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show transparency in blenders 3d-Display
« on: 8 April 2013, 22:16:02 »
Its very annoying that you cannot see the alpha parts transparent in blender once you use a real material. The only way I know to make it look transparent means to reduce the alpha of the material to 0 ( and do some other things )
but setting the alpha to 0 results in a g3d file which has opacity=0 for the material (which is correct but annoying )

opacity = 0 ingame means "not visible"  :-(

As at least MG does not show opacity below 0.4 anyways thats why I think about setting all materials to opacity=1 automatically if they have a opacity=0.

So suggestions for MG and/or blender ?

Update: I think its best if the blender exporter prevents something like this. He should set the opacity to 1 if it was set to 0.
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