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>> MegaGlest 3.9.1 released <<
« on: 19 January 2014, 22:05:45 »

MegaGlest 3.9.1 released - come and get it while its hot

This is our first release using GitHub, because we no longer use sourceforge, get downloads either directly there or on our offcial download page:

This Release includes many bug fixes reported since 3.9.0 reported in the forums, and is backward compatible with 3.9.0.
- Moved the project from to and from svn to git.
- Better handling of lagging clients in network games
- Fixed cmake scripts to correctly detect dependencies that were previously partially working on some distros and improved build support for Mac OsX.
- Added numerous new LUA functions as documented at wikia.
- Code quality improvements as reported by cppcheck and coverity (and clang)
- Better color picking algorithm thanks to willvarfar makes color picking very stable.
- Render order improved to allow more transparency effects
- Adjustable camera scroll speed
- Particle systems can be bound to meshes of models

- we hopefully now really solved the last out of sync problems for cross platform games.
- animated tileset object support. ( like trees moving in the wind )
- new tileset texturing possibilities
- new tilesets birchforest, desert4 and updated mediterran using animated objects and new texture system
- greatly improved textures and animations for the roman faction
- new maps
- better network game performance / management to handle slower clients.
- easier ability to download game content from host and masterserver( if available there ).
- new arranged options menu with several sub menus
- menu gui improvements
- attack hotkey toggles through all attack types
- single player games can be sped up incrementally in steps.
- color picking is greatly improved and the default selection mode now for better compatibility
- greater ability to translate game content into your native language. (including techtrees)
- Added Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnamese (and others).
- screenshots for savegames without annoying menu in screenshot.
- addition of google-breakpad to better track down bugs.
- many new lua functions for scenario modders.
- cell coordinates are shown in the mapeditor
- tilesets can set default air unit heights
- added ability for stand alone mod's to customize more of the engine like about screen.
- performance improvements.
- and as always many bugs were fixed
- improved textures for tech faction

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Re: >> MegaGlest 3.9.1 released <<
« Reply #1 on: 13 January 2016, 03:00:39 »
I wanted to suggest that this thread no longer needs to be pinned or sticky.


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Re: >> MegaGlest 3.9.1 released <<
« Reply #2 on: 13 January 2016, 19:10:16 »
Good point.
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