Author Topic: Annex Release 4.0 Coming 10/6/14  (Read 1425 times)


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Annex Release 4.0 Coming 10/6/14
« on: 1 October 2014, 01:09:45 »

After more of a year in development, Annex: Conquer the World 4.0 is out October 5th!

A massive update to the open sourced, anime themed, real time strategy game.

THE TIME HAS COME!! Annex: Conquer the World, a freeware strategy game for Windows, Linux and and OSX powered machines is having its biggest update ever! 4.0 includes two new unique armies: the Alliance Renegades and NEO Republic, along with updates of the previous East Ocean Alliance and the Shadow Organization, 30 technology tree options, all new maps and scenarios, a new soundtrack, new sounds and voices, and new units to choose from! As of release 4.0 the game is now FOSS licensed!

Game Description:

For those who haven't played annex before, Annex: Conquer the World is an anime themed real time strategy game that brings fast paced combat with a diverse arsenal. Play as one of four factions: The East Ocean Alliance, the NEO Republic, the Shadow Organization, or the Renegades as they struggle for dominance all over the world, competing for a priceless red mineral. The game now contains 4 factions, over 30 tech trees, original maps, and tileset. Built using open source RTS MegaGlest, the focus of the game is multi-player and single-player skirmishes. However there are also scripted scenarios/missions!

See Link for Faction Details!

New Content:

   - 2 New Factions: Alliance Renegades and NEO Republic   
   - New Shadow Organization units: Vixen (hero) and Sentinel
   - New Tilesets: Apocylapse, Metropolitian, Overcast, Brightland, and Outland
   - Increased Level cap, unit re-balancing and refined gameplay.
   - New Technology tree options: Simple Battle, Simple Deployed, Ready for War, and Insanity.
   - All Technology trees now have a (D) Double Damage or (H) Half Damage variation.
   - Improved graphics, lighting, and particle effects
   - Save + load game feature
   - New maps and scenarios
   - New soundtrack, voice overs and sound effects
   - FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) license
   - Official Installers for Windows and Linux systems


Annex: Conquer the World Release 4 For Pc Mac + Linux
Annex is now on Facebook!