Author Topic: 0.3.1 Letters t, x, p, and more are missing.  (Read 7761 times)


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0.3.1 Letters t, x, p, and more are missing.
« on: 16 July 2015, 08:59:37 »
RAM : 7.8 GiB
Processor : AMD A8-5500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics × 4
OS : Fedora 21 ,  64 bit
Max Resolution : 1600 x 900

I think this may somehow be an issue that rooted from me building GlestAE from source, instead of installing it as an RPM package. This does not occur on MegaGlest, which I installed as an RPM. It is probably something else, though. I've tried manually installing the menu fonts, but it didn't help. It isn't only on the menu, but everywhere in the game. This subforum hasn't been posted on in years, so help might not be provided for a while.  :(


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Re: 0.3.1 Letters t, x, p, and more are missing.
« Reply #1 on: 17 July 2015, 01:41:28 »
Not sure if I can help much since it's been years since I've used GAE (much less built it).
  • What language is being used?
  • If you view the menu fonts in a font viewer, are the characters available?
  • Do the problems persist in the latest version (SF seems to be having trouble right now, but I believe there was 0.3.2 out and 0.4 was in a beta that never got a final release)?
I'd say use the 0.4 beta as a baseline. It was pretty stable as I remember it and it had a lot of changes.
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