Author Topic: [invalid] hmm...bug maybe?  (Read 1221 times)


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[invalid] hmm...bug maybe?
« on: 9 September 2015, 15:28:47 »
I'm on Windows 10 (I don't think the OS would make a difference), and I encountered the following issue while scripting the new version of the Island Survival scenario, and the issue recurs in both the MegaGlest dev version 3.12 and in MegaGlest version 3.11.1.

It's about the cell trigger event (when two units touch each other which throw an event).

If a cell trigger event is registered between "you" and another unit, which can be anything, if you die and respawn in the scenario, the cell trigger event won't fire, EVEN if upon respawning you unregister the old event and re-register the event between the new you and the other unit with which the cell trigger event is required.

Any thoughts?
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Re: hmm...bug maybe?
« Reply #1 on: 17 September 2015, 09:37:36 »
It turned out this was a bug in the scenario itself.
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